I am a NZ-born Motion Graphics Designer - based in London. I am currently Lead 3D Artist at Pixel Artworks.

I've been involved in Motion Graphics for a little over 15 years. While I started in Broadcast Design, I have worked all over the world in a variety of creative roles. In this time, I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the world's top creative studios, agencies and artists.

Good times and bum times, I've seen them all.

My work ranges from Motion Design to Illustration, Film, TV and everywhere in-between.

Increasingly, I am enjoying being involved in projects from their genesis - helping to create and conceive ideas. That could mean working on pitch treatments, leading jobs, or helping to develop and design complex Motion Design projects. 

On a related theme, I am increasingly excited by the ongoing convergence between traditional Motion Graphics and visual programming language(s). In attempting to understand dynamic programming languages and environments, I believe it is possible to explore new expressions through code as a creative material.

To get in touch please email: mciver.james@gmail.com

My resume can be viewed and downloaded here.