NIKE - 'You're It'

Role: Motion Design Lead (Design / 3D animation / 2D compositing)

MPC teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to create a powerful sisterhood that’s fueled by movement.

The new campaign for Nike Kids takes a unique spin on the classic game of ‘tag’, flipping it to build self-confidence by reminding kids that they have ‘the power’. 

This was my final job at MPC as Motion Design Lead - a somewhat bittersweet experience. Working with the Director, David Wilson, was very collaborative, and he worked very well with us as a team. He understood the delicate tightrope we were walking, and seemed to value our creative input.

A proper write up from MPC can be found here. Included in that write up is a short video - showing some of the 2D FX proof of concept tests we created during the pre-production phase.







Client: Nike

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Director: David Wilson

DP: Martin Ahlgren

Production Company: MPC Creative

Agency: MPC Creative

Executive Producer: Dan Sormani

Head of Live Action: Ryan Creighton

Line Producer: Avtar Khalsa

Editor: Ron Brodie


Creative Director: Andrei Juradowitch

Head of Production: Brendan Kahn

Producer: Nicholas Dziekonski

Motion Design Lead: James McIver

VFX Lead: Kamen Markov

CG Lead: Andy Steele

Motion Design: Adam Roche, Manuel Sepulveda, Donal O'Keeffe, Daphne Westelynck, Kerim Camdzic, Stef Peral

2D Team: Tom Harding, Josh Parks, George Brunt

Color: MPC

Colorist: Phil Hambi